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Do you need help and advice about Party Wall Agreements?
Worried about falling out with your neighbours ? Getting lost in legal jargon?

We Can Help>

Are you unsure about the difference between a schedule of condition survey, party fence walls, building on a boundary or serving a party structure notice?

If you answered yes, I’m an expert on all matters to do with party walls.

Call or email me now.


Party Wall Notice        


  • Start with a Notice. Professionally researched, drafted & served.

    Serving Notice is your first step. Depending on the response you’ll also need a schedule of condition or party wall award.

  • Preparing & serving notice

  • Land Registry Fees

  • Owner search & verify

  • Easy consent form

  • 10 day follow up notice

Party Walls Award


  • We help resolve the dispute. This includes a schedule of condition.

    If you don’t receive consent surveyor(s) need to resolve matters via a party wall award.


  • Schedule of Condition

  • Drafting & Serving Award

  • Acting as Agreed Surveyor

  • Acting as Joint Surveyor

  • Up to 8 hours time

Schedule of Condition


  • We record condition of adjoining owners’ property before work starts.

    If you receive consent, a schedule of condition is recommended to help prevent disputes over damages.

  • Detailed written report

  • Notes on condition

  • Cracks classified

  • Photographic record

  • Copies for both parties

Hourly Rate


  • Pricing for Adjoining Owners

    In normal circumstances the Adjoining Owner’s costs are usually paid for by the Building Owner.

    As standard we charge a flat hourly rate, we can also quote a fixed cost on request.

No VAT to Pay

No VAT to Pay

No VAT to Pay

No VAT to Pay

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UG Consulting Ltd. is a leading North West London firm of Party Wall Surveyors based in Pinner. We provide comprehensive services in Party Wall matters to help you protect your home from the risks associated with loft conversion, extension and any other elements.

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